Now on sale CD 50 Year of Flamenco (flamenco singer Alfonso Salmeron)

Now on sale CD 50 Year of Flamenco (flamenco singer Alfonso Salmeron)

With the stamp for which Alfonso has recorded in recent times, It presents this album with his son Oscar on percussion and his inseparable Rafael Andújar on guitar. This last, He noted much more their presence on this album with respect to previous. Presence, on the other hand, Thanks.

Recorded live, not enjoying a very successful sound, especially in the voice, that remains her sharpness and strength due to an effect of cave that places it in the background, While the guitar, Depending on the cut, It bordonea with saturation and lack of brightness.

And it is that somebody is technically sound at this point...! Nor you can expect great thing from a producer that uses texts by other authors that does not ask for authorization or has the decency to cite them on foot from text. Such is the case of this disk, whose text is of my authorship and not appointing me or asked me permission.

Leaving these matters ancillary to the margin, the master Alfonso Salmeron, that due to their 50 year career gives this title to their work, He was recently honored in Madrid with the participation of some of the most important artists on the national scene, showing respect and love that has managed to win among his colleagues. And that, without a doubt, It is his sense of responsibility and his artistic conscience.

Now, It's so strong and flamenco as always, with this work he delights us with some very old Cadiz bulerias; Taranto and mining in its line by this aesthetics of flamenco; topped with mirabrás slowed Cordoba joy; soleá apolá recreating some styles of Triana; traditional Tientos-tangos which remembers Chacon and the Niña de los Peines; Serrana topped of the donkey seguiriya somewhat devoid of tension but with an exultant Andujar; a potpourri of traditional verses with a funny bulerías rhythm game end; fandangos Macandé style, Cepero and Morente; the Carol of the Campanilleros; and to finish you choose singing by tonás topped with the ' debla '.

With this delivery, that does not identify innovation, I think that Salmeron wanted to share an experience singer without artifice, presenting flamenco without more justification than own flamenco. A proposal for "strange" in the times that run, is very thankful. I interpret, Therefore, that according to the title of the work, It is their particular tribute to flamenco, that has served him and has served that throughout your life. For this reason, innovation has no place or allowed any concession to the superficial.



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