I contest Cante Flamenco and fusion






The I Certamen de Cante Flamenco y fusion of Almoukri Records in the Community of Madrid and surroundings is a platform for exhibition and competition of unpublished works, in the genre of Cante Flamenco and its mergers.

The event will contribute to strengthen the movement of new flamenco, granting recognition and prestige to young people who have risked in lines of enrichment and the Spanish Flamenco fusion. Also, recovery and research initiatives are encouraged traditional forms.

Flamenco is the most universal artistic expression with which Spain has contributed to the cultural patrimony of the humanity. With this event we are committed to the renewal and the preservation of our art that is alive, seething and as you will see here, It continues to evolve with all vitality



  1. Awards (NON-METALLIC) and manning them:

Reference label to the market with the production company label Almoukri Records which includes all of the following for the winner:

  • Contract record label.
  • Recording of reference live CD, Mixing and mastering:
It will be held in a room in Madrid: The winner will be the day previously concluded in the prize for that recording with musicians. Is important that the coordination of the artist with his musicians this already being tested to proceed directly to your recording recording time is a working day. Maximum items to include on the CD will be 7 audio tracks (Maximum track voice and three instruments simultaneously).
  • Corporate design of the CD, Record label, barcode and Legal registration.
  • 500 Copies of the CD and online distribution of reference in the following sale of digital content services:
  1. All the information related to the contest is located on this website
  2. Young people from the Community of Madrid will be able to participate in this Contest, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Segovia, Toledo, Guadalajara, Avila, Basin aged between 18 and 40 years
  3. The admission period will end upon completion of a minimum of 30 contestants.
  4. REGISTRATION FOR THE CONTEST (Preselection) : Interested parties wishing to participate in the contest must videotape his musical creation and proceed to filling out the form. It is recommended to place the video of his creation in a website like Youtube or Vimeo videos. The preselection Committee, It will include members of the jury, the pre-selection of the participants carry out through a filter of all applications received. in case of being accepted as concusante they will send you an Email of acceptance and will appear in the paguina as a contestant .
  5. THE jury shall be appointed by the production company Almoukri Records. jurors will always be people who are related in the world of flamenco in one way or another , as well as singers, guitarists, percussionists , amateur , critics , journalists etc.… The jury will have the 50% the vote and the 50% the remaining vote will be held through the attendees to the event by providing ballot boxes.
  6. The jury shall consist of three experts in the world of flamenco . Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the verdict of the jury, It will be unappealable. In the event that there is a technical tie by the jury, will proceed to a vote online/SMS to discern the winner of the day.
  7. Will not reveal details or names of jurors until the day of the contest.
  8. The / the contestant by the mere fact of participating in the contest will be shown as such on the website of the event, with your Video, stage name and locality of origin.
  9. Only will be allowed for each participant of the contest during his performance the accompaniment of two musicians with their instruments (At the choice of the contestant)
  10. Any request for participation in the contest is not completed or illegible data may be annulled..
  11. The competition will not take place to complete a minimum of 30 contestants äquivalente to 6 days of competition and the final
  12. Almoukri Records are not responsible for any physical or material damages suffered or caused by the participants in the contest.
  13. The place or places of the event was realized once completed a total of the number of contestants (Minimum: 30 contestants)
  14. Almoukri Records has the right of cancellation of the event to any contestant for any breach of these rules or any other action or cause to go against the interests of the competition.
  15. The participants who communicate their non-attendance at the time of notification of its status as finalist, they will be deleted / as and will call to the / the next participant who follow him in previous classification.
  16. The order of performance of each day of the contest participants are established by a lot prior to the event held by the jury.
  17. Sound tests: A brief sound proof consistent in the interpretation of a theme will be allowed before the concert. The order of participation in the test will be the inverse to the actuation.
  18. In the event that a / participant fails to appear at the time of the test of sound, you won't have the opportunity to do this test and will act in order that the draw has been established.
  19. Participants of the contest may not request in any case Almoukri Records producer no economic consideration based on their acceptance by the jury or assistants of the public since it's a musical event that seeks the promotion and dissemination of these artists through a recording contract.
  20. The pageant reserves the right to use footage of the contestants for the promotion and diffusion of the own contest.
Participation in the I contest of Cante Flamenco and fusion of Almoukri Records of the community of Madrid and its surroundings implies acceptance of these rules , conditions and rules
Advisable to keep this information, of interest, in case of being finalists in the contest.










The event is a platform of exhibition and meeting of all of the trends and styles within the genre.

The main objective of the contest is to promote the renewal and the preservation of the Cante Flamenco and its mergers .

It aims to promote the quality and excellence in research, innovation, the composition that they draw upon the rich always base Spanish. At the same time, will be assessed the rescue and preservation of traditional styles as "pure" flamenco (Cante jondo). In these cases, Naturally, they will have to be new creations, you are managed within these traditional languages. The jury will take into account these general objectives when formulating his selection criteria.

Other criteria more specific that the jury will take into account include:

  • The idea and the concept and the coherence of its execution and embodiment in the part.
  • Creativity.
  • The interpretation and the technical quality of execution.

The choice and the use of music. Will be positively evaluated the use of original music.

Works that have been released before the 2015 they are not accepted. Failure to comply with this requirement may cause the disqualification of the registered work. The total number of songs will be 3 with a maximum of 5 minutes each. The duration of the works must not exceed fifteen minutes. The participant can determine the duration of the works provided that they do not exceed the limit of the 15 minutes in total.

Development and realization of the contest

Every day that the event will be composed (6 minimum days) will proceed in the emplzamiento To arrange the participation of the artists playing their pieces live being the jury and the attendees present. It will be necessary 5 participants/day and every day you'll get a finalist.

The Final: New participation of 6 finalists of the previous days with new parts, After a deliberation of the jury and new direct votes by attendees/SMS and online through Socialmedia shall be the awards ceremony at the stage of the theatre.



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