Photo: Elisha Vicentti, Nabil Almoukri, Carlos Martinez ALMOUKRI RECORDS producer CULTURAL and GDEIS laboratory creative are attached with the intention of developing joint marketing strategies aimed at the global market, incorporating as absolute values innovation and creativity, developing new means of promotion and distribution, reducing costs to be present on the market […]

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ALMOUKRI CULTURAL PRODUCTION RECORDS, in partnership with management and development of social initiatives SL (GEDEIS), It takes up your business with new projects.

Almoukri Records and GEDEIS, Eliseo Vicentti new Artistic Director named, that will be in the 2016, within the new strategy of reactivation, consolidation and growth. Eliseo Vicentti has been chosen by his strategic vision, creative and business. It has been instrumental in the launch of products and advertising campaigns as well as artistic activities both at […]

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Alejandro Reyes and Nabil Almoukri producer present tribute and recording reference to the flamenco singer Alfonso Salmeron by their 50 years of flamenco

José Mercé, Archangel, Argentina, Vicente Soto deafness and Archangel are some of the artists who will perform tomorrow in the school greater Saint John the Evangelist to pay homage to Alfonso Salmeron Almeria singer when they met 50 his first professional performance years.

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