We are a team of people who love the culture and everything to do with it. Our goal is to offer comprehensive advice and all the services necessary for any cultural project that is silver to make your company.

We started in the year 2007 as a record producer, but now we have become cultural producer and We have decided to extend our services to give your company everything you need in your cultural projects at national and international level.We provide services, among others, artistic agents, event organizers, cultural marketing, record producer, cultural programming, Web design and photography, Mastering, composition.

We would love to work with your company, share our enthusiasm and passion for the culture and disseminate it to give it the place that it deserves. We want to know your company and tell us your cultural project!

ALMOUKRI RECORDS brand managed to become leader, as independent label record and competitor in their respective markets, by the trust placed their ideas, and its methods.



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We are specialized in culture and its management, one of our sections is the cultural Marketing, the Mission of this section is to give the best service of Marketing company and brands through culture.

Provide effective and comprehensive strategies of cultural marketing and advertising that add value and generate brand building, through great emotional impact to the consumer; thus creating, experience-based experiences that allow achieving faithfulness and loyalty to brands, and contributing to the development and commercial growth of our customers.

A good strategy of cultural Marketing includes all aspects of communication, promotion and brand image, in all areas and media (online/offline) short, medium and long term.

ALMOUKRI RECORDS are specialists in the development and management of sustainable and personalized cultural Marketing plans. The goal is to bring the brand to people, its differential value make visible and promote their growth through purposeful actions, Creative, cultural and efficient.










Another important aspect for Almoukri Records producer culture is communication and event organization, whether it be music, cultural, trade or position your show, music product or relaunch the image of artists, brand, organization or institution.

"We communicate in a creative and differentiated manner the image that want to give their products, events, performances, making sure we send a clear and consistent message with global marketing and online strategy. We also deal with the management of the event, making special emphasis on the technical side, organizational and artistic..




Specialized in the production of advertising film, event, fiction and audiovisual editing for businesses, brands and institutions.

Our spots are high performance and have the advantage of having the texture of the film and a resolution that is in ultra HD to 5K. Our business is to put light on a city, a company, a mark or a personality vip. Develop a strategy to cause a movement media, mainly with the use of social networks for video, Internet and television.

We are specialized in: Spot TV - Spot Web - Film event & Corporate - fiction Tv & Original Web series - Clips videos music - creation influence - design strategy and image - development of notoriety - consulting personalities...

As you know that the current trend is the hiper-conectividad, people and businesses are increasingly more connected through major social networks (800 millions of people). With the rise of smartphones and Tablet PCs, has almost 6 one billion people in the world today.

Remember, have one or more spot video for a company or brand is no longer a luxury, It is a vital necessity to raise awareness and promote your company. Year after year. Familiarize its products, your business and your brand in the long term, is essential to touch, to attract new customers and partners through short TV spot to orient your goal. These video clips will make your fame, whether it is on your web site, in social networks or projection in a showroom, they are the best ambassadors of your company or brand.





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"This field of sound vague and full of mysteries where the technique", creativity and technology merge as in few places to put your hands on the controls and immerse yourself in the music to sculpt the piece of music enhance each detail, and bring its greatest exponent, not only play with bits and beats, but with the excitement of the listener, the vertigo of feelings".

techniques and processes unique to us known in the industry and developed in a constant pursuit of innovation and search for the best sound final delivery, all a seal of quality and passion backed by its own patent and several in registration process, a world of thousands and thousands of listeners who enjoy the music signed by one of the busiest in Spain, and which has greater international projection.

We have all the ingredients necessary to guess what you want to the producer and mix engineer, art and knowledge to carry their dreams and creative and technical processes until the music is full of matice, sounds a lot better and not only most high, to preserve all the virtues of the mixture and any shortfalls, We lionize the purity and the impact, a very open and with a spectacular dynamic final sound to enhance the drama of each musical work.

Empathy and communication with the producer, adapt to each musical style and possessing a deep knowledge of the same, using the more purist techniques or the more ceativas, always with attention to detail and knowledge of knowing how a mastering will be heard from in a PA on a dance floor to an iPod with songs downloaded from digital platforms such as iTunes, a CD-DA or vinyl. Ingredients of a guarantee to achieve the best sound.






We duplicate copies of models and optical media discs (CD and DVD) for artists and musical groups. We offer the best quality in all media in the market.

Plants of duplication works with Almoukri Records, they can make copies of any master that is delivered in digital format. Almoukri Records has the services of the machinery of modern duplication that currently exists in the market, and provides copies of DVD 5, DVD 9, DVD 10 and CD and vinyl...







Show your products or services and reach a target audience. Create or strengthen the visibility and increase the awareness and interest about its ability to supply. Attend the research and dissemination of information. Identify potential new customers or strengthen existing relationships. Upstream and downstream business linkages. Identify the agents. Negotiate deals that can lead to business alliances. Develop the network of relations. Get to know potential partners that can lead to business alliances.







Captured Records is a collective platform in which a lot of international music producers will be merged to, without losing the individuality and personal essence as an artist, create professionally and develop passion for music projects and create opportunities for international projection clear.

We intend to be a space without boundaries where we can develop creativity. We offer the opportunity to everyone to be part of our group and be an important element of the future of music where we can integrate different styles of traditional, Folk, ethnic with electronic music, create a globalization and cultural diversity.

On this platform, we have the possibility of sharing our music, distribute and a showcase with a projection that opens a wide range of possibilities for future events, festivals and live performances.

The main objective is that, within the collective platform, different musical styles, looking for the essence of each artist.

We are currently preparing the Organization of festivals, events, concerts and competitions at national and international level. We will also release record productions that is digital, Format CD and vinyl. The musical styles will be very different depending on the artist but always open to the fusion of electronic music with jazz, new album, House, Breakbeat, environment and techno among other.

We are organizing upcoming festivals with Nas Mecca (, who will be responsible for the distribution of all the projects developed by captured Records. We are currently developing several festivals in the South of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, etc..





All artists who have a cultural creative vision...

Singers - singers - songwriters - Jazz - Blues - Word - Pop Rock - Fusion - ethnic music - electronic music (Minimal, Dub, ambient, Chill out, etc ) -Works of theatre - dance, etc.

For you to participate in upcoming schedules of the first production with vision international . "promoting culture through art. With the voice, sounds, color, light, of the peoples of the world"

With these objectives, we have created the new agency section Arts in ALMOUKRI RECORDS producer culture whose main objective is to our audience the wealth of art and culture. A cultural producer who at the same time is your home, the House of anyone we love the culture and have the desire to expand their artistic expansion far beyond. The spirit of ALMOUKRI




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